7 Day Challenge: After Day 1

Greetings, dear awesome-people-who-are-helping-to-keep-us-accountable!

It is just past 10pm, and I’ve just finished about an hour doing Quality Assurance testing on my product. I’ve done this dozens of times and have learned an important lesson:

Saving things in multiple places adds to the potential for error and repeated work.

This may seem like a very obvious thing. Here’s a glimpse into my world:

  1. I began this project on a 6 year old laptop. (6 years old, and dying of old age…) On this computer I had two programs I was using: Excel and Garage Band.
  2. I now have a beautiful new Mac Book “LightAsAFeather” that boots up like a dream, buuuuuut…does not have Excel, and all the “helpful updates” made to Garage Band makes me want to throw this elegant computer in front of traffic.
  3. What this means is that I am:
    1. Updating files in Excel on my Old Mac, saving them as PDFs and copying them to Dropbox, where I can pick them up on my New Mac
    2. Updating audio files in Garage Band on my OM, “sharing” them to iTunes (a necessary and tedious step), and copying them to Dropbox, where I can pick them up on my NM.
  4. Effectively, what is happening is the “same file” is saved three times, in three separate places…you see where I’m going with this.

Part of the reason this has taken so long is that I’ve found mistakes, fixed them on my OM, moved them to Dropbox, and transferred them to the NM, but often imperfectly. I’m still fixing mistakes I swear I’ve fixed once, twice, even three times.

Version control is a beautiful thing. Right now, I don’t got it.

Anyway, here is our updated “to do” list! We did some good work today, and yet I believe we are ticking absolutely nothing off. Sometimes, that’s how things go. You work all day and feel like you have nothing to show for it. Sometimes, you fix the same stupid mistakes hundreds of times. Sometimes, you’re not perfect.

Perfect is boring.

Wouldn’t that be terrible if we issued a 7 Day Challenge, invited you all to share in the experience, and then with “perfect execution” ticked everything off the first day!? Boring!

So here’s what we did do instead. Because we are interesting, and stuff.

Tasks in progress:

  1. Install Easy Digital Downloads to replace WooCommerce
  2. Product / audio file album art – [I approved the AMAZING work Matthew did updating the album art. All that’s left to do is “attach it” to the final audio files.
  3. Stripe gateway
  4. Final Audio File QA – [lots of work poured in, some of it, done before.]
  5. LMTW Logo – (I’ve learned a few basics with photoshop and have constructed a few designs I like. Now for the choosing…)

Here are the todos we have yet to start:

  1. Settings for upper body product
  2. Settings for lower body product
  3. Settings for full package product
  4. Finish changed noted in InVision
  5. Fix fatal Error in LMT World child theme after upgrading Make parent theme
  6. Mailchimp subscription box
  7. Thorough review of SEO settings
  8. Favicon
  9. Finalize global nav menu
  10. Update Catherine’s bio

I would also like it noted that I went to the gym tonight and lifted heavy, heavy things for an hour. That was a “to do” that didn’t make it onto this list, but it bears mentioning. Because I’m awesome. I’m going to hurt like crazy and limp around like an old lady tomorrow.

Matthew would also like it noted that he put over an hour into writing for this site today — an ongoing goal he’s not always hit — and put in a longer shift at work than average.

Hey! What are you guys working on!? How can we support you in your goals??

We’ll leave you with this find from the Internet Archive: How to Set Meaningful Goals and Reach Them, from the One Minute Howto podcast.

One thought on “7 Day Challenge: After Day 1

  1. Accountability, cuenta, contar, to give an account, to tell the story…It does not mean performing up to some abstract standard or paying what is owed. It means have a relationship with someone who wants to hear your story. That’s me.

    Accountability from my end…Learning Offenbach’s Larmes de Jacqueline, preparing the farm for winter, stepping fully into my learning community. You many hold me accountable.

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