7 Day Challenge: After Day 2

A quick update before we both pass out for the night.

We’re learning first-hand how launching a side business in your free time, after you’ve put in a full day at the full time job, is no easy feat.

We don’t feel we’re making quite enough progress to stay on track with this goal. (The Timbers’ 3-0 victory over the San Jose Earthquakes tonight may or may not have something to do with that.)

Good thing we don’t have too many plans this weekend!

Lower body Kinesiology Audio Study Guide

Here’s some of our final album art as a teaser…

The good news, is we’ve got one thing checked off the list: The album art is done!

We’ve also added more items to Tasks in Progress. Although it may look like we’re being unfocused, at this stage of this project there are lots of things that need to come together before they can be finalized.

Tasks started and finished:

  1. Install Easy Digital Downloads to replace WooCommerce
  2. Product / audio file album art
  3. Stripe gateway
  4. Final Audio File QA
  5. LMTW Logo – (Catherine’s learning PhotoShop, under pressure to get this done. Nothing to shake a stick at.)
  6. Settings for upper body product
  7. Settings for lower body product
  8. Settings for full package product

Tasks left to begin:

  1. Finish changed noted in InVision
  2. Fix fatal Error in LMT World child theme after upgrading Make parent theme
  3. Mailchimp subscription boxes
  4. Thorough review of SEO settings
  5. Favicon
  6. Finalize global nav menu
  7. Update Catherine’s bio


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