7 Day Challenge: After Day 3

I am exhausted but triumphant. Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known:

  • If you ever want a beautiful website built for yourself, be prepared to pay out of the nose for it, or learn to do it yourself.

(Today I learned how to enter pretty bullets into text with WordPress shortcodes! Heck yeah!)

But seriously, I have to put in a serious pitch right now for Rocket Lift, Matthew’s web development company. There is a reason why developers are getting paid the big bucks. It’s because this work is hard.

What I’m doing right now is like plunking out a few notes on the piano, turning to Matthew and saying, “I’ve been working on that all day!! Wasn’t it pretty?” (Picture me as a five-year-old. It’s cuter.)

Matthew, bless his heart, pats me on my five-year-old head and says, “Darling, that was lovely. I’m so proud of you.” And galldarnit, if I don’t blush happily, and believe him. [Editor’s note: He isn’t lying.]

I’m playing around with melodies. Rocket Lift is performing symphonies. 

We have on our team:

  • An amazing conductor, Maestro Matthew Eppelsheimer
  • An incredibly talented composer (aka. developer)
  • A drill sergeant producer who is going to make sure every person, every instrument is where they are supposed to be, exactly when they are supposed to be there (aka. systems administrator)
  • A thirty piece string ensemble to draw you in, and nail you to your seat (aka. sales and content manager)
  • And me…and I’m finding it hard to objectively find a metaphor for myself in an orchestra…

I know what you’re thinking. Catherine, enough with the pretty bullets. What did you and Matthew tick off your list…?

Tasks started and finished:

  1. Install Easy Digital Downloads to replace WooCommerce
  2. Product / audio file album art
  3. Stripe gateway
  4. Final Audio File QA
  5. LMTW Logo
  6. Settings for upper body product
  7. Settings for lower body product
  8. Settings for full package product
  9. Review Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (half done!)
  10. Fix fatal Error in LMT World child theme after upgrading Make parent theme
  11. Update Catherine’s bio
  12. Make everything pretty – (I’m learning some shortcode techniques and getting friendly with a new theme and plugin, both of which are supposed to make my life easier. Uh-huh.)

Tasks left to begin:

  1. Finish changes noted in InVision
  2. Mailchimp subscription boxes
  3. Thorough review of SEO settings
  4. Favicon
  5. Finalize global nav menu

Would you believe that I spent most of my day working on this project? This is why we ask other people to hold us accountable. Because we work and grind all day and sometimes have so little to show for it. It would be so easy right now for Matthew and I to throw up our hands and say, “there’s no way we are going to accomplish this by Monday.” At which point, we give up, and we don’t finish for another 10 months.

But you know what? We are going to hit this deadline.

Because you are sitting out there, supporting us, encouraging us. And frankly, there is no greater shame to me, than not turning in my homework on time. (Thank you, college professor father.)

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