7 Day Challenge: After Final Day!

We kinda can’t believe we did it. But we did!

A year’s worth of casual work and it all came down to one hard push for one hard week. We are both blown away with how much we accomplished in the last 7 days!

This would not have been possible without all of you, holding us accountable, sending happy thoughts, digitally standing there with proud, smiling faces. Thank you, dear friends and family!

There were a few days this week when we would have preferred to spend the entire day in bed. Of course, this was compounded by the fact that Matthew came down with a sinus infection, and now I am feeling fluid in my chest that wasn’t there a few days ago.

“We’re going live right now,” Matthew just muttered at me, tired but triumphant. “We did it!”

We’ve come to our self-imposed finish line, 30 minutes after midnight, exhausted and sick (despite many glorious naps!) and infinitely proud.

And hey! Check out the new site! LMTWorld.com is a safe hub for present and future massage therapists to get the tools they need to succeed. The primary feature is a set of audio study guides recorded by the one and only, Bob Sterry. These were designed with auditory learners (like me!) in mind, to help them learn their kinesiology (aka muscle anatomy), and to pass their massage boards. Ideally, these will be useful for individuals studying to be chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and so on. We’ll see!

In the meanwhile, Matthew and I are celebrating with a quick whiskey, then hitting the sack with tea and kittens who’ve been after us to come to bed for hours.

This is such a great feeling!

4 thoughts on “7 Day Challenge: After Final Day!

  1. Donna Taylor says:

    Congratulations Matt & Catherine! Your website is awesome and so professional! Coincidentally, Michael goes to his first acupuncture appointment tomorrow. When we become better acquainted with the staff, could we share your link?

    So sorry you both are sick. Michael had it bad, and what worked best was Alka Seltzer cold & flu medicine – it dries you out and makes you sleepy. It helps get rid of sore throat, fever, stuffed nose, body aches, etc. As soon as you burp, you feel a little better. Please get well soon!

    Your blog will be our road map for when Michael retires so we’re paying extra close attention. We so admire your free spirits. God bless you guys & the kitties – they’re so cute – and such good travelers!

    Hug & kiss each other when you get better.
    Tell Dan hi!

    Love, Donna

  2. Oh Well Done!!!! So proud of both of you! What a sense of accomplishment. Now! Time to look after you two. Hot toddies all round and early to bed. Light activity during the day. You don’t want that stuff to settle in. Lots of fluids and rest. Love you both. Missing you like crazy!

  3. A lovely website! I loved the color tones, the cheery and encouraging language, the practical advice to students of Kinesiology. Would medical students or physical therapists benefit from it? I salute you both for your creative contribution to the great learning community of humanity.

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