The 7 Day Challenge

We’ve been working for 10 months, in our occasional spare time, to launch a new business at We’ll keep the site itself a surprise until it’s done, for a bit of fun. Suffice it to say for now that it is an e-commerce website that will serve students studying to become Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs).

The last two or three months we’ve gotten ourselves all psyched up to finish “tomorrow!” or “this weekend!” or “by next Saturday!”

It hasn’t worked out that way. It seems we’re better starters than finishers (not exactly breaking news).

So we’re going public with a self-challenge:

By this time 7 days from now, Monday October 13th, we shall have completed all of the following todos, and more — whatever it takes to launch a fully armed and operational battle station website at

Challenge accepted

Self-challenge Accepted!

Of everything we have left to do, here are our tasks in progress:

  1. Install Easy Digital Downloads to replace WooCommerce
  2. Product / audio file album Art
  3. Stripe gateway
  4. Final Audio File QA

Here are the todos we have yet to start:

  1. Settings for upper body product
  2. Settings for lower body product
  3. Settings for full package product
  4. Finish changed noted in InVision
  5. Fix fatal Error in LMT World child theme after upgrading Make parent theme
  6. LMTW Logo
  7. Mailchimp subscription box
  8. Thorough review of SEO settings
  9. Favicon
  10. Finalize global nav menu
  11. Update Catherine’s bio

We would like to enlist you, dear Internet readers. Will you be our accountability buddies?

Stay tuned for updates.

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