The Pumpkin’s Progress

A journey through pictures


“I am a pumpkin! Will you be my friend?”


“I am so happy to be a pumpkin! But it’s cold in here!”


“Oh yeah. This is much warmer. Loving this!”


“It is my disposition to be happy. But WHAT THE HECK?”




“Given a choice, I would have become a gluten free pumpkin pie. Dreams do come true!”


Matthew and I honored the sacrifice of our cheery little pumpkin and devoured him the day after Halloween. Slightly more custard-like consistency than pie, but delicious!


A pumpkin inspired hat

IMG_0098IMG_0099Last but not least, our little pumpkin created inspiration for this bright orange floppy cap. This was knit with a seed stitch for the body and a nice thick ribbing. I make these hats floppy and stylish, but on cold autumn evenings you can pull this cap snug over your ears.

Want one for yourself?

This pumpkin inspired hat is only $25 plus shipping. It goes to the first person to send me an email.

I love making hats this time of year, and I’m not normally a BRIGHT ORANGE kind of girl, but this was a fun one to make as the trees turn the same color and fall from the trees.

Our Halloween

This Halloween I learned: Matthew has amnesia.

Every year he forgets how much he loves Halloween right up until the moment when little children start knocking on the door. This tragic infliction results in never having a costume prepared in advance. A mad scramble in the closet for anything “costume like” ensues.

Though he does make a very cute “Architect” (no complaints!), next year we will make an effort to cure his “Halloween Amnesia” a few weeks in advance, and dress him up like something other than architect (Jeans and a knit sweater.)

One more note: We had approximately 20 young visitors demanding candy. Like Portland, smart Denver parents design costumes that incorporate thick jackets and gloves. One boy came to our door dressed with a cheeky variation on the warm weather costume: He was all in light grey sweatpants, with GHOST stitched across his chest. His costume was one of the few we didn’t need to wonder about.

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