Week of Panos Day 1: Funchal from The Epic

They aren’t always the best photos, but I’m a sucker for the iPhone camera’s panorama mode. This week, I’ll post one panorama per day to share some of the best that I’ve captured in our last five weeks of travel.

To kick it off, this was taken April 27th aboard our cruise ship. Imagine seeing nothing but ocean over this deck railing for 9 days, then waking up one day to this.

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal from port aboard the Norwegian Epic cruise ship

Funchal, Madiera from the port side deck of the Norwegian Epic cruise ship.
Click image for a larger version.

Funchal on the map Funchal is the main port on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Our ship stopped there for about 8 hours on our ninth day out from Miami. Catherine and I disembarked for just long enough to find a public bathroom, enjoy high speed internet from a shopping mall, walk around a park, and head back.

We’ll have to go back if we ever want to dig in, but we’ll always remember Funchal as our first glimpse of Europe from the Epic.

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