Week of Panos Day 4: Plaza of the Virgen

Today’s panorama: Plaça del Virgen, a beautiful open space of stone in the Northeast quadrant of Ciutat Vella, about a 30 minute walk from our house. We’ve relaxed here on several weekend afternoons.

Valencia's beautiful Plaça del Virgen. Click image for a larger version.

Valencia’s beautiful Plaça del Virgen.
Click image for a larger version.

The Plaça del Virgen panorama from left to right

Wherein I tease you with topics for future posts.

  • At extreme left, difficult to see, a Valenbisi station, part of a shared city bike network system. More on that in a future post (MOTIAFP).
  • Apartment buildings where we’ve observed residents hanging tapestries from their balconies to match the theme of decorations in the plaza during festivals. MOTIAFP.
  • A beautiful bronze fountain in the foreground, which we mistook for Bacchus. MOTIAFP.
  • La Basílica Virgen de los Desamparados — The Basilica of the Virgen of the Homeless. MOTIAFP.
  • La Catedral Metropolitana — The City Cathedral. MOTIAFP.
  • The headquarters of Valencia’s organization of seven irrigation districts. Believe it or not, MOTIAFP.
  • Umbrellas shading restaurant tables. Dozens more extend behind the camera — there are more just outside the left of the frame. We’ve spent hours seated here, enjoying this view, people watching, eating paella, drinking espressos, agua con gás (sparkling water), and pitchers of Agua de Valencia (MOTIAFP).

BONUS Panorama!

Here’s the view from 20 meters further back, including all those tables.

Restaurant tables at Plaça del Virgen

Ustedes quieren cervezas? Entran!
Click image for a larger version.

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