Week of Panos Day 2: The Epic from Funchal

Today’s panorama is a kind of mirror image of yesterday’s: Viewing the Norwegian Epic cruise ship in port from a park in Funchal.

The Norwegian Epic in port at Funchal, Madeira

The Norwegian Epic (the huge one on the right) in port at Funchal, Madeira on April 27th.
Click image for a larger version.

The epic is massive. We spend 11 days aboard with more than four thousand other people, 9 of those days in a non-stop straight shot across the Atlantic, but we never once felt claustrophobic or crowded. Nor were we eager for the trip to end.

Objects in the photo are larger than they appear, so to give you more appreciation for its shear size, the Epic is 329 meters long, and it’s about half a kilometer away from my vantage point here.

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