In Sevilla, in between moments

Hola de Sevilla!

Catherine successfully navigated us to our apartment from the airport — two busses — without any help.

Now we are waiting 40 minutes for our Airbnb host to arrive to let us in.

Happily there’s a beautifully decorated neighborhood bar two short blocks from our place, and the gin and tonics are amazingly generous in Spain.

While we’ve received some very strange looks from the locals in the last 20 minutes — hell, we still are as I type this on my phone, especially from the bartender after he misheard me and opened a couple bottles of Coca Cola before I clarified and he broke out the Schweppes — our Euros are as good as anyone’s.

This past week we enjoyed a beautiful, wonderful, relaxing vacation with friends Scott and Emily on the island of Mallorca.

Now, missing our friends, we wait, a little tired and a lot conspicuous, to settle back into reality — or anyway, our strangers-in-a-strange-land version of reality.

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