7 Day Challenge: After Day 5

Matthew has a cold! Poor guy woke up with his sinuses saying, “You didn’t need me today, right? I’m taking a vacation.”

But did that stop him from rolling out of bed and sitting down with me on the couch and working all day on LMT World? Heck no! The boy is a trooper!

We got so much done today. Which is good because yesterday, we treated like a Friday. Which it was, so I guess that’s ok.

Here’s our progress report!

Tasks started and finished:

  1. Install Easy Digital Downloads to replace WooCommerce
  2. Product / audio file album art
  3. Stripe gateway
  4. Final Audio File QA
  5. LMTW Logo
  6. Settings for upper body product
  7. Settings for lower body product
  8. Settings for full package product
  9. Review and publish Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy
  10. Fix fatal Error in LMT World child theme after upgrading Make parent theme
  11. Update Catherine’s bio
  12. Make everything pretty – (This is what I spent most of my day on…and I think we might be close!)
  13. Get set up as an Amazon affiliate
  14. Integrate Typekit fonts
  15. Finish changes noted in InVision
  16. Thorough review of SEO settings

Tasks left to begin:

  1. Mailchimp subscription boxes
  2. Favicon
  3. Finalize global nav menu

Not bad, right?!

Now I’m going to dish up some split pea soup (Gloomy Day + Sick Boyfriend = Homemade Crock Pot Split Pea Soup) and treat the rest of the evening like it’s Saturday. Which it is, so I guess that’s ok.